Welcome to Big Boned BBQ, southern BBQ at its finest. Big Boned comes from small town Tennessee and now resides in Charleston, SC. Our pit master has been cooking on the rib fest circuit and in restaurants for the last sixteen years and has been nationally recognized for his efforts with over 100 awards. Using our own blend of herbs and spices, our amazing sauces, and hickory from our family land on Billy Goat Hill, our food will definitely stand above the rest. Come say hello and remember... “We're not fat, we're Big Boned”.



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7760 Hwy 165
Ravenel, SC 29470




Pat Nelson  

The food at Big Boned BBQ is not just a job for me it's my passion. I have been cooking BBQ professionally for the last twenty-five years and every day I try to find a way to make it better. Like many pitmasters around the country I started cooking BBQ as a hobby and have been lucky enough to turn it into my profession. Being able to cook with BBQ legends such as "Famous Dave" Anderson and to compete against others like Johnny Trigg has taught me to pay attention to the details and never be satisfied. As a lifelong member of the service industry I have been taught to strive for consistency and I can promise you at Big Boned BBQ if it isn't the same as the last time you tasted it....it's better.


Pat Nelson
(612) 382-6269


Big Boned BBQ is about great food and hospitality. You should expect friendliness and a generous spirit with our company. I am grateful to have spent over thirty years in this industry working as a bartender, server, manager, and corporate trainer. Each has taught me important life lessons that I bring with me to Big Boned BBQ. I play a supporting role to Pat, taking charge of all of the “behind the scenes” tasks. My responsibilities include logistical and budgetary planning, retail sales, and marketing and I am always here to help.


Tanya Mart